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Digital Detox at the Ecopark - Dorgali
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Team building digital detox at the Ecopark - Dorgali


50 hectares of eco-park overlooking the wild and natural shores of Lake Cedrino on which we will pay with kayaks. The ideal experience and location to disconnect from the frenzy of the digital age and recharge your batteries.

Unspoiled nature, tranquility and fun activities make this location a “digital disconnect” paradise.

After turning off our mobile phones, we will visit the location, its breathtaking views and head to the kayaks to begin the exploration of Lake Cedrino and its incredible views.

Upon our return, the staff of the farmhouse will repay our efforts with an exquisite typical lunch made exclusively with 0 km products.

Location: Dorgali (NU)
Duration: 8 hours
Price: 100€ pp

The digital wellbeing seminar will follow. With an expert we will understand how digital devices affect various aspects of our life and work, how to use them consciously to earn: time, well-being and productivity! A videomaker will follow us and capture all the best moments. His cell phone will also serve as an emergency contact in case someone wants to call you from outside. For a day dedicated to relaxation, fun and training. Not the usual team building but a real experience that will positively impact the well-being of the whole company.

Trip Video

Take a look at the video and discover our Digital Detoxes! An entire island to discover … disconnected!

The experience includes:

  • Digital wellness seminar
  • Kayaking on Lake Cedrino
  • Location exploration
  • Lunch
  • Insurance
  • Souvenir photos and videos made by a video maker


LocationDorgali (NU)

Duration: 8 hours

Price: 100€ pp

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Digital detox experience

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