Digital Detox at the Ecopark (Dorgali)

2 days
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Digital Detox at the Ecopark (Dorgali) - 2 days

Description: 50 hectares of Ecopark overlooking the wild and natural shores of Lake Cedrino. The perfect experiences and location to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of the digital age and recharge your batteries.  

Unspoiled nature, tranquility and fun activities make this location a “digital disconnect” paradise.

Turn off your smartphone for 2 days and we will devote ourselves to various activities such as: nature trail exploration, kayaking on Lake Cedrino, Yoga, and much more!

Location: Dorgali (NU)
Duration: 2 giorni

Thanks to digital wellbeing seminars we will understand how digital devices affect various aspects of our life and how to use them consciously and moderately in everyday life to gain wellbeing, time and productivitỳ. There will be moments of relaxation in which you can read a book, rest, reflect or simply enjoy moments of conviviality with the group. For a digital detox holiday dedicated to sport, wellness and relaxation!

Trip Video

Take a look at the video and discover our Digital Detoxes! An entire island to discover … disconnected!

The experience includes:

  • 2 digital wellbeing seminar 

  • 1 yoga and mindfulness class (suitable for beginners) 

  • Tour of the ecopark

  • Kayak on the lake 

  • 1 breakfast, 2 pocket lunch, 1 dinner 

  • Exploration of the naturalistic path

  • Insurance

  • Pictures 

  • Support for every need during the activities 


Extra Services:
– Ayurvedic massage surrounded by nature
– Horse ride
– Excursion on electric quad

* Possibility of staying at a partner facility – contact us to find out more

Location: Dorgali (NU)

Duration: 2 days

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Digital detox experience

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